SCT is Proud to Announce Auditions for the Upcoming Production of The Death and Life on Sneaky Fitch, as well as auditions for out Youth Production; It’s a Small World After All Musical Review.

Auditions for Sneaky Fitch will be held Sunday February 18th and Monday February 19th at 6pm. Seeking actors of ALL AGES!

To the ambitious little town of Gopher Gulch, Sneaky Fitch is an abrasive disgrace, no-good, drunken, brawling, nuisance. When he falls ill, there is a sigh of relief, and when he apparently dies (thanks to some suspicious “medicine” administered by the departing Doc Burch) there are a few tears. But when Sneaky rises from his coffin the picture changes, for no one dares confront a man who has come back from the dead. Capitalizing on his own “invincibility”, Sneaky soon takes over sheriff, mayor, and town banker. This rip-roaring comedy will  leave you in stitches.

Auditions for the Salem Community Theatre Youth Production ” It’s A Small World” Youth Musical review will be held at the Salem Community Theatre Sunday February 18th and Monday February 19th at 6:00 PM.  “It’s a Small World” will be a musical production based on the Broadway hits of your favorite Disney Classics, and other popular production numbers. The production will feature actors and actresses from kindergarten through High school , and will be a great learning experience for any youth interested in musical theatre. Please come prepared to sing a one minute selection of a song of your choice. In addition, please bring a CD of your musical selection or be prepared to sing it acapella. Performance dates will be March 30 and 31st.

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