Volunteers of many and various skills!

The success of our productions and indeed the continuing survival of SCT depends upon the many volunteers who perform assorted duties and functions here: actors, stage and lighting crew, set builders and painters, costumes, props box office, ushers, concession workers, Board members and on and on.

Still, we are in need of even more, specifically in the area of set creation.  If you have skills in any of the building trades: design, carpentry, mechanical, or any others, or would even like to gain experience in the theatrical application of your skill, WE NEED YOU!

You can either call the Managing Director, email us, or go to our web site at


and fill out the form. It’s that simple, and we would love to talk to you and get you involved in the longest running creative institution in town!

Join our theatre family!
There are many opportunities to volunteer at SCT. We need talented volunteers to help our theatre flourish!

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • acting
  • stage crew
  • set construction
  • ushering
  • working in the box office
  • helping with costumes
  • many, many more areas

Please fill out the form below and check the boxes which correspond to your position of interest.

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